Flight Validation – related Services offered by TransPolar

TransPolar GmbH is proud of being able to offer one of the most comprehensive service packages in Flight Validation available in our industry today. Services offered in this field are:

  • Implementing Flight Validation in your organisation
    Starting with a thorough analysis of your Flight Validation requirements and the resources already available to your organisation, TPL will be able to formulate a customized strategy and help you to implement that strategy by:

    • identifying stakeholders involved (procedure designers, database coders and packers, etc) and establish lines of communication with them
    • defining procedures and processes how to execute Flight Validation and create all required documents that come with these processes: Flight Validation Manual of the organisation, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), checklists, forms and reports
    • implementing these processes and procedures, supported by comprehensive training in the field of Flight Validation (see below)
    • ongoing consultancy / supervision / recurrent training in this field, if so wished / required

    Being certified as a Flight Validation Pilot and instructor and Examiner by the German Regulator BAF (Bundesaufsichtsamt für Flugsicherung), TPL is one of the few organisation that can offer you a complete, one-stop-shopping-solution from consultancy / analysis, to defining and implementing processes and procedures, to meeting the ensuing training and checking requirements – and all this on actual Flight Validation missions, generating first revenue in the process, thus reducing cost to implement this new line of work.

  • Execution of Flight Validation
    Depending on the size of your organisation and your specific Flight Validation requirements, outsourcing Flight Validation might be the more cost-effective / efficient way forward.

    Based on more than 15 years of experience, and being fully certified by the German Regulator BAF in this field, TPL is able to offer you customized, cost-efficient solutions, covering planning, preparation, execution and final report of your individual Flight Validation task at hand.

    For that, TPL can either use your assets, like aircraft and Flight Inspection System (if required), or provide these assets in a turn-key solution.

  • Flight Validation Training
    TransPolar is proud of being one of the few contenders able to offer a comprehensive training package in the field of Flight Validation, covering both academics as well as the practical training as per ICAO Doc 9906 Vol 6.

    Please go to the following tab “Flight Validation Training by TPL” to find out how TPL could assist you in meeting your specific training requirements in the Flight Validation domain.