Flight Validation and Flight Validation Pilot Training – One of our core competencies!

Performance-based procedures – procedures that are not based on discrete information derived from navigational aids, but on a sequence of geographically defined waypoints and information, how this sequence is to be flown – play an ever bigger part in today’s airspace and aviation infrastructure.

ICAO reacted to this by making a flight validation of new procedures mandatory prior publication, as per ICAO Doc 9906 Vol 5 & 6.

Key staff of TransPolar in general, and its director Capt Thomas Wede in particular, are at the forefront of Flight Validation for many years now, and as such, perfectly geared to match your specific requirements in this relatively new field of work in our industry.

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We have the expertise, the contacts and the tools. So whether you require consultancy on that matter, training requirements in this field or a full blown Flight Validation of a new set of procedures, talk to us, we are able to help!