TransPolar Executive

Almost 30 years of professional flying inevitably leads to a host of experiences and competencies amassed outside TransPolar’s core field of expertise, the Flight Inspection and Flight Validation domain.

TransPolar Executive is the branch within TransPolar that facilitates these additional competencies by providing services in the field of Business Aviation, Aerial Work and Special Mission Flying.

Services our customers can refer to in this context are

  • Consultancy expertise and support in setting-up Flight Operations
    If you intend to establish your own flight operation – being it a commercial entity under an Air Operator Certificate (AOC), a Non-Commercial Complex organisation (NCC) or an Aerial Work / Special Mission Flight Operation - TPL can help you in providing the required documents and manuals, based on latest EASA requirements, customized to your specific needs!
  • Development of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and associated Checklists
    Whether you intend so set-up your own Flight Operation or simply intend to optimize your existing operation and supportive documents: talk to us – designing mission- and customer-specific SOPs and checklists is one of our core competencies!
  • Typerating Training KingAir Series
    Benefit from almost 30 years of experience in flying various marks of the ubiquitous KingAir! TPL is cooperating with a number of Approved Training Organisations (ATOs) to facilitate your training requirements for this series of aircraft, providing training in simulators, on aircraft, and most important: on your individual mission! Combined with our expertise in providing bespoke customer-defined SOPs and their associated checklists, TPL can offer you a holistic approach to a cost-efficient, and more importantly: mission-related training environment!
  • Checking / Supervision KingAir Series
    Whether you require an Typerating Instructor (TRI) for training or meeting supervision requirements, or a Typerating Examiner (TRE) for check events on the KingAir series – bank on close to 30 years / 10.000 hrs of experience in this series of aircraft!
  • Ferry Flight / Safety Pilot
    TPL’s core staff has operated on literally all continents of this earth – and that does include Antarctica! Benefit from our vast experience in international operations around the globe to meet your specific requirements for organising ferry flights on the KingAir series or simply for providing a Safety Pilot for operations / territories unfamiliar so far to your operation.