TransPolar is located in Braunschweig – an aerospace cluster of excellence in Germany

About us

Located in Braunschweig and being part of the aerospace cluster at the Research Airport of Braunschweig, TransPolar traces its lineage back to the Aerodata Flight Inspection GmbH, who started flight inspection activities from that airport back in 1989 and went through various guises and forms after that.

Founded by key staff from that origin, TransPolar was established in 2013 to again offer reliable, efficient and safe Flight Validation and Flight Inspection-related services to the community, both in country as well as abroad.

At the helm of TransPolar, as owner and managing director, is Capt Thomas Wede, an industry veteran with close to 30 years of experience in the field of Flight Inspection and Flight Validation of instrument procedures. Around him, Wede assembled a distinguished panel of experts as workforce to draw from, both cabin as well as cockpit crew, representing a combined amount of 50 years of experience in the flight inspection arena.

Staff of TransPolar literally has worked around the globe, performing wide and varying tasks for numerous customers all over the world.

Since March 2011 Capt Thomas Wede is an appointed member of ICASC, the International Committee on Airspace Standards and Calibration, which is the ICAO-recognized working group providing guidelines on best practises and standards in the field of Flight Inspection and Flight Validation to ICAO.

It is this broad level of knowledge and world-wide networked experience that will make all the difference to our customers and their wide and varied mission needs.

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